The Ultimate Marketing Tool: Explained

September 12, 2011

With 400,000 members and growing strong every day, MarketingProfs is the ultimate resource for today's marketer. There's a ton of marketing advice on the Web, but it takes a lot of time (that you probably don't have, right?) to figure out who really has good information and who is just full of hot air. That's where we come in. We sort through it all to find the bits that really matter and the stuff that really works. Then we publish this marketing goodness in daily how-to articles, short takeaways, marketing research summaries, and more that capture just what you need to know and tell you exactly what to do to make your marketing better. We cover every marketing topic you can think of, from the latest in digital marketing best practices in social media, email, and search to core topics like segmentation and branding. As a MarketingProfs member, you'll have thousands of marketing articles, research summaries, and more at your fingertips, whenever you need them. Plus we'll send the latest marketing know-how right to your inbox with our daily newsletter, MarketingProfs Today.

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It's Frankenspeak Friday
It's Frankenspeak Friday

It's Frankenspeak Friday here at MarketingProfs. Let's celebrate!

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