What Marketers Can Learn From Pinterest’s Top Pins of 2013

December 19, 2013 Veronica Maria Jarski

Pinterest, the content-sharing site, today announced the top pins from 2013. So, why should marketers care about the announcement?

The pins remind marketers that great visual content appeals to all kinds of people with all sorts of interests—not just people in the fashion, art, or design industries. Pinterest features pins in myriad categories, such as home decor, technology trends, education and classroom ideas, history, animals and cute crittersarticles, and more.

The most popular pins also remind us that people love visual content that speaks to their heart.

Great visual content doesn’t shill; it tells stories, makes us laugh or cry or think, or inspires action. Sometimes, visual content celebrates the shared interest.

For example, a top pin shows the cast of The Hobbit movie each holding a Lego version of themselves; it’s more subtle and fun than a straight-up Lego ad for The Hobbit figures. And if you look at the screen shot below, you’ll see a top pin of a guy holding a card that says, “I love nerd girls.” You either know the guy is Nathan Fillon of the Firefly series… or you don’t; it’s an inside joke that engages the pin’s audience (in this case, nerd girls).

Likewise, the top pins on the Technology Trends board aren’t straight-up product placements, but they address the audience’s need to learn something or to make a decision. The top pins of Five Must-Have Waterproof Devices That Make a Splash and To iPad or Not to iPad are about addressing the audience’s pain points—not overtly selling anything.

What the top pins on the Pinterest board shows us is that great visual content is visual content created with an understanding of its audience. Do you understand yours?

To find out more about using Pinterest, check out our illustrated slide show How to Best Use Pinterest for Business.

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