Four Ideas About Video Production That Are Totally Wrong

September 17, 2013 Colin Osing

It’s no secret that demand for video is growing. In fact, comScore estimates that over 86% of the Internet audience viewed online video last month, reaching 187 million Americans. And more than half of professional marketers believe video has the best ROI in content marketing, triumphing over whitepapers, photos, infographics, interactive media, and buying guides.

Despite the demand for and results achieved with video, marketers continue to face challenges when working with video. Often stating that video is “difficult to create” and that it is “overpriced,” video production has been viewed as an analog process in a digital world.

The rise of video and the online ecosystem that marketers currently live in has lead to the demand for video-productions services that are reliable, affordable, and easy to navigate.

Today, some pioneering companies have responded to that demand by creating low-cost scalable video services that produce high-quality content specifically for digital agencies and web marketers. Whether promotional online clips, complex video marketing campaigns, or high-definition commercials, those cloud-based solutions have dispelled the most widespread myths related to video production:

1. All professional video production is costly

Traditionally, producing a video could cost as much as $1,150 per hour and up. Small to midsize businesses that are operating with lean marketing budgets can’t afford to allocate these dollars to video production.

SoMedia Networks has created ScalableVideo, an affordable video production platform that allows digital agencies and web marketers to order and resell business video products to their clients at cost. The pay as you go resale solution enables businesses of all sizes to easily incorporate video into any marketing budget.

2. Professional-grade video production is time-consuming

To shoot, edit, and produce a high-quality video used to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on length.

ScalableVideo has streamlined the creative process and brought the entire process online. The online management system is capable of quickly deploying a videographer to any location in North America. The video is shot on location, and then edited and uploaded for review and final approval. As a result, video projects are completed and delivered to clients within 14 days of the shoot.

3. Finding and hiring the right videographer is the most time-consuming part of the job

Until now, employing a videographer without a personal recommendation has been complex and often high risk.

Today, the ScalableVideo platform has employed and prequalified more than 3,400 skilled industry professionals including directors, producers and videographers. All those professionals have been vetted by SoMedia to ensure a high-level service and quality product.

4. Production should take place under one roof, if it’s going to be done properly

Traveling back and forth to a production studio is no longer the best way to monitor the video production process and collect the finished product.

The digital age has enabled new methods of collaboration and communications and changed the way in which many of us work. ScalableVideo is disrupting the traditional video production model by leveraging cloud-based technologies, process engineering, and a tightly managed crowdsourced workforce. Professional marketers can now order, schedule, and deliver professional videos for their clients through an easy to use online portal.

Consumers have moved online for information—and if digital agencies aren’t able to offer affordable video solutions, their clients are missing out on the opportunity to engage with their target market.

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