Facebook: Home of the Most Annoying Social Media Behaviors

December 5, 2013 Corey O'Loughlin

A while ago, we posted a fill-in-the-blank status on our Facebook page. We love this type of Facebook post because it allows us to quickly get feedback from our audience. This particular post was about social media pet peeves. We said, “Fill in the blank: My biggest social media pet peeve is _____________.”

The responses were varied, hilarious, and extremely thought-provoking. The takeaway: Social media can be pretty damn annoying. So, based on the feedback from our Facebook community and our own Team MarketingProfs internal brainstorming, we came up with a list of the top eight annoying social media behaviors and put them head to head in the first Most Maddening Social Media Behaviors Bracket.

The Contenders

Vaguebooking: An intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to engage with you
Example: “Things never go my way… “

Humble Brag: Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe is me” gloss
Example: “I have no idea how to use my new 27″ iMac, #techchallenged”

Example: I love apple pie! #apple #pie #applepie #fall #dessert #ilovepies #favoritedessert #fatkidstatus #vanillaicecreamplease #love #illgoforarunlater #promise

Example: :):( :/ :-)8) :* <3

Auto-DMs: Robo-direct messages on Twitter sent automatically when you follow someone else’s account
Example: “Thanks for following me. You can download my super sweet eBook here.”

SHOUTY CAPS: Capital letters when there is no need for capital letters

Oversharing: Posting details of your life that are not fit for a very public forum
Example: “Little Timmy just used his big boy potty!”

Viral Facebook Posts: Posts created with the sole purpose of getting a mass number of people to share it with their networks
Example: “Share this if you love your mom. 95% of you won’t!”

The Results

In Round One, we had four match-ups:

Vaguebooking (64.7%)
HumbleBrag (35.3%)

#Hashtags (66.9%)
Emoticons :) (33.1%)

Auto DMs (65.2%)

Oversharing (30.9%)
Viral Facebook Posts (69.1%)

In Round Two, we narrowed the field:

VagueBooking (65.5%)
#Hashtags (34.5%)

Auto Dms (41.4%)
Viral Facebook Posts (58.6%)

And the Final Round paired two Facebook behaviors against each other:

VagueBooking (41.5%)
Viral Facebook Posts (58.5%)

The winner (cough loser cough) is Viral Facebook Posts by a wide margin.

So, what is it about Viral Facebook Posts that make them more maddening than any other annoying social media behavior? Chime in here we’ll wrap this up with your thoughts next week.

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